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ūü§Ē BHB's 101: What They Are and How They Help

If you've been on the Ketogenic diet for some time or are early on in your Keto journey, you have probably heard of "BHB's," but do you know what they are and why they are so important?

Today we'll discuss a little bit about what BHB's are, their importance on the Keto Diet, and the best way to get BHB's during your Keto journey! 

What Are BHB's

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is one of three unique ketone bodies that the body produces when it's burning fat instead of carbs. BHB's are the most abundant ketones in our blood and are used for energy due to their stable molecular makeup. 

When our bodies are in ketosis we begin using the BHB ketones for our energy source rather than using carbs.

BHB's and Keto

Our bodies have been using BHB's for energy since the dawn of our existence. As we read before, ketosis is the metabolic state in which our bodies begin to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. As a result of this, ketone bodies, like BHB, are produced and provide us with clean, abundant energy.

BHB's are naturally produced by the liver during ketosis, but since the process is much slower, our bodies begin to feel hungry and fatigued. This is where BHB supplements help.

Getting The Right BHB's

We now know that our livers produce BHB's naturally during ketosis, but the process of creating BHB's is slow and causes us to feel hungry, fatigued, and even unfocused due to the lack of energy, but there's a way to help.

BHB supplements like our
 Complete BHB's help kick your body into ketosis and maintain peak performance for longer. 

Providing you with the full benefits of BHB, Complete BHB's increase ketone levels and mental clarity and help your body burn more fat by giving it the consistent energy needed to start the day. 

Real BHB Reviews¬†‚̧ԳŹ

The check out service was easy. It got here sooner than I expected. I love the chocolate meal replacement, it‚Äôs delicious, the BHB tastes just as good. Thank you!ūüôŹūüôā

Maria 0, Verified Review

Hi guys, so Today will be day 5 and I couldn’t be more happy, excited, etc. The rush gets me ready for my workout, then I have the bullet proof coffee and in the afternoons I mix the greens with the BHB and it’s my pick me up afternoon drinks for energy this was the best decision I made to be bold and try this product I can’t wait to reap the results.

Roxana A, Verified Review

I get tired of plain water so I thought I would give this a try. This is my 3rd order. It tastes wonderful and I love the fact it has all my electrolytes included and I don't have to swallow pills!!

Donna H, Verified Review

Stay in Ketosis with $10 Off Complete Wellness BHB's!

Get into ketosis faster, burn more fat, and accelerate your performance with BHB's. This keto blend of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) features 11.7 grams compared to the average BHB on the market which only has 6 grams, ensuring you're getting the full benefit of BHBs.  
These will help you increase ketone levels, athletic performance, mental clarity, consistent energy and help you burn more fat when exercising!

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