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Complete Rush and What You‚Äôre Missing Out On ūüėĪ

Are you waking up feeling unenergized and having trouble keeping focus?

Have you been trying to work-out recently and noticed you’re not performing at your best?

This is quite common with many people while on the keto diet and there’s a simple reason why. You’re running out of fuel and not preparing your body to start your day with the energy it needs!

As many of us know, carbs are what give our bodies the energy we need, but they are not keto-friendly. So, where do we get this energy without over consuming on carbs?

The easiest way is from Pre-Workout!


You’re probably thinking that pre-workouts are meant only before a work-out, but that isn’t completely true. A pre-workout supplement provides your body with an immediate boost of energy, an alert in focus, and gives you the essential vitamins & minerals needed to start your day or any work-out session.

But which pre-workout should you get? How do you know what to look for in your pre-workout?

Let’s break down the important blends to check for…

Energy & Endurance (Boost)

L-Citrulline and L-Arginine are key amino acids that help relax your arteries and boosts endurance. This improved circulation has helped people suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart conditions.

Not only do these amino acids promote heart health, but it improves kidney function, reduces stress, and prevents inflammation.

Vitamins & Minerals (Focus) 

Throughout the day, our bodies use a ton of essential vitamins and minerals that keep us focused and fueled at full speed. Blends of fruits and berries, like acai and pomegranate, are proven in helping to avoid losing these nutrients.

Sometimes it can be difficult to replenish the key nutrients but starting your day with the right pre-workout can help keep nourished keep you performing at your peak all day.

MCT & Fat (Fuel)

Burning fat instead of carbs is the goal for a ketogenic diet, so having a pre-workout that provides a healthy amount of MCTs and good fats for fuel is what you want.

Having a moderate amount of fats in your pre-workout will help give your body the initial boost needed to give you the fuel to start your day off right.

Knowing which pre-workout to use can be difficult, but it shouldn’t have to be! Replace your morning cup of coffee with our Complete Wellness Complete Rush Pre-Workout to get the one and only fuel source for natural energy without the crash!

Always made in the USA, 100% Gluten-free and Non-GMO, this unique blend gives you endurance, performance, and fuel while burning fat, keeping focus, and nourishing your body for the day.

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