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Why You Need More Healthy Greens 😧

Before we begin, ask yourself: Am I getting enough greens in my daily keto diet?

Like most of us, the answer probably is that you aren’t, but don’t worry!

Today we’ll go over what greens supplements are, why they are very important, and how you can get your daily greens easily in a single, delicious glass!

So, what are greens supplements?

Greens supplements are a combination of all the healthy fruits, veggies, and grasses needed to nourish your body with the best vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Typically, greens supplements are in a powder form and provide you with the right serving amount of foods like spinach, kale, cranberry, turmeric, fiber, and wheatgrass. (How many of these foods are you getting daily?)

What makes them so important?

If you remember from our February issue, we discussed micronutrients, their importance, and how to avoid a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals.

Greens provide our bodies with nutrients like Vitamin K2 & D3, complex B-vitamins, sodium, and zinc which are needed for healthy body function, growth, and development.

Consuming a healthy amount of greens has been able to help reduce cardio vascular problems, high blood pressure & cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and so much more!

Not just avoiding a deficiency, but daily amounts of healthy greens supplements boosts energy levels, are easily absorbed by our bodies, reduce inflammation, and help burn fat!

How to get your daily greens without breaking the bank

There’s plenty of foods out there that provide your body with the necessary nutrients like avocados, spinach, kale, and fish, but sometimes getting all these essential nutrients can be expensive, time consuming, and sometimes even difficult to find.


Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you!

Our Complete Wellness Complete Greens is a unique blend of 16 essential organic fruits, vegetables, and grasses to get all your daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients! Inside each blend, we’ve added special digestive enzymes to aid your body in absorbing these nutrients efficiently!

Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your body is protected and fortified from the inside out!

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