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YOUR Success Stories (and a Super Special Thank You!)

You guys are seriously the best.

My inbox is constantly filling up with messages, questions, comments, and my favorite - the success stories. The testimonials.

What started here as a random laid-back, barely-serious YouTube channel, has turned into a great community of Keto superstars.

And it's not stopping anytime soon.

So again, thank you - this episode is for YOU.


YOUR Success Stories (and a Super Special Thank You!)


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  • Hi Los,
    I just started my transition to a Keto lifestyle. But, I enjoy drinking the energy drink, Bang. Can I continue??

    Amy Esparza on

  • Thank you for being NORMAL and real. I love looking for your messages and you lift up my day!

    Karen Merritt on

  • Hey Guys!!! So just the first of many testimonials to come…………. 10 days in and we both have lost 13 lbs each!!! WHAT?!?!!! YES!!!!! THATS RIGHT, 13 LBS DOWN !!!! We are so happy we found you and are so excited about what’s up ahead!!!! Thanks for all your help !!!!! 👊🏽The Puerce’s

    Ricky & Dianna Pierce on

  • Seriously have never felt better in my whole life. I have literally thought about my weight since the fourth grade. Now I have days I don’t think about it at all. Thank you!

    Brenda Evangeliste on

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