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Can you binge eat anything on keto?

I mean you can't really binge eat while staying healthy - but let's just say there are some things that are a little bit better than others.

Just a warning though - some of you may not classify all these as foods ;)

What are some of your favorite keto-friendly foods or snacks? Share below!




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  • Nathalie on

    Thoughts and ideas on chocolate please!

  • Rebecca on

    Yay someone else who does the cream cheese and butter. I have the worst sweet tooth and this gets me through. Add peanut butter sometimes. You crack me up!

  • Sandy on

    I eat all these, so no I don’t find them gross. I haven’t added butter to the cream cheese, but I do heat the cream cheese a second in the microwave and I’ll sprinkle a little “TRUE” lemonade powder that you can add to water, not the whole thing, just enough to flavor it and yum it really gives it a dessert feel. So I’ll go add butter and you try the flavor see if we like it.

  • Tahlor on

    Hi Drew, you have so many great ideas to make the Keto lifestyle a little simpler in a carb world. I wanted to watch your video on how to build muscle on the ketondiet however when I started the video it was about 3 snack foods for keto.

  • Carol Zimnie on

    Thank You your short video’s are helpful!

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