EASY Weekly Keto Eatery Budget (Eat Out Every Day in 2018)

Los Silva

This video is specifically for people that are blessed to be able to eat out pretty much every day. I'll make a video about a typical grocery shopping list soon - so stay tuned my guys and gals. Ooof.


EASY Weekly Keto Eatery Budget (Eat Out Every Day in 2018)


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  • Cyndia on

    Hi there!!!

  • Bobbie on

    So, I have been in following the keto diet for about 2 weeks. I went through the headaches and moodiness, but stuck with it. My question is, does my body still need the added fat to burn fat. I am only eating in a 1-2 hour window and fasting the remaining hours. I would like to just eat plain salads and veggies. Once I have the carbs out of my system, do I need to continue feeding fats?? I have been in ketosis for about 12 days.

  • Jill Daniele on

    Love these videos dude…helpful, funny & to the point (not long) keep them coming please & thanks!

  • Martha Ann Edwards on

    I enjoy your eating out presentation. I like to eat Mexican once a week. I enjoy tacos no shell with refried beans. Looking forward to reading the grocery list.

  • Selisa on

    I am just starting my keto journey and am lovin these daily videos to keep me motivated and informed. Love your personality and humor Los! Keep up the good work!

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