How to EAT KETO at ANY Restaurant in 2018

Los Silva

Eating Keto-approved at any restaurant (yes, any of them) is waaaaaaaaaaay easier than you thought.

Even if it's not on the menu.

Let's go! Sorry Malbs!  ;) 

How do you stay Keto when going out to eat? Share below! 

How to EAT KETO at ANY Restaurant in 2018


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  • Benjamin Cintron on

    Thanks for this video, I lost 22pounds so far in 40days but I am in Kentucky Fort Knox middle of nowhere and gosh this town restaurants are weird so your videos came on time thanks Ben

  • Eva on

    Went to Saltgrass last night and ordered the spinach and kale salad and the 6 0z filet with crab meat. Oh goodness. So yummy. Probably a little overboard on protein but soooo good. I bug the waitress and waiters until I have all my questions answered and so far, they have been great. Oh yea, I ordered a skinny margarita and added my own stevia.

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