Keto Desserts: 3 Easy Suuuper Delicious Recipes

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Keto Desserts: 3 Easy Suuuper Delicious Recipes

Sometimes I just throw back whipped cream but I do have jedi secrets to staying Keto and not losing control. What if I told you I have a recipe for cheesecake, well at least something that tastes like cheesecake and will keep me ketosis. Check out the rest of my recipes below!


3 Keto "Dessert" Recipes (quotes for a reason) that will take a minute or two to make.



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Keto Desserts: 3 Easy Suuuper Delicious Recipes

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  • Melissa on

    Yeah, loving it. All of it. In our house cream cheese, grass fed butter, and stevia is known as The Trinity. You can add some many different things to them and have a delicious treat. Our fave is with vanilla and almond extract… DELICIOUSNESS.

  • Karen on

    Can’t stay away from chocolate. Had some last night. Can’t wait to try these seemingly crazy desserts! Bty, i’ve also been eatting foods i wouldn’t have before. Tks!!!!!

  • Kari on

    I do the sugar free jello with whipped cream…yum! I’ll have to try the others too. Remember the cheese in cheesecake is cream cheese…so there you go!

  • Lanel Gallentine on

    Yup – doing this. It is totally satiation city. And really – I only need the spoonful. or the bowl full of jello/ whipped cream, done – satisfied, so much more so than eating the one doughnut – you always want more! Yeay Keto!!!

  • Jeannie on

    You are awesome 😍 if you weren’t married, I’d marry you 😂😂😂😂 and yes I do just squirt whipped cream into my mouth

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