Keto Desserts: 3 Easy Suuuper Delicious Recipes

Keto Desserts: 3 Easy Suuuper Delicious Recipes

Sometimes I just throw back whipped cream but I do have jedi secrets to staying Keto and not losing control. What if I told you I have a recipe for cheesecake, well at least something that tastes like cheesecake and will keep me ketosis. Check out the rest of my recipes below!


3 Keto "Dessert" Recipes (quotes for a reason) that will take a minute or two to make.



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  • Can’t stay away from chocolate. Had some last night. Can’t wait to try these seemingly crazy desserts! Bty, i’ve also been eatting foods i wouldn’t have before. Tks!!!!!

  • I do the sugar free jello with whipped cream…yum! I’ll have to try the others too. Remember the cheese in cheesecake is cream cheese…so there you go!

  • Yup – doing this. It is totally satiation city. And really – I only need the spoonful. or the bowl full of jello/ whipped cream, done – satisfied, so much more so than eating the one doughnut – you always want more! Yeay Keto!!!

    Lanel Gallentine
  • You are awesome 😍 if you weren’t married, I’d marry you 😂😂😂😂 and yes I do just squirt whipped cream into my mouth

  • I love simple desserts that won’t mess up all my hard work. Thank you ☺️


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