Keto Q&A #6 with Los

Los Silva

In today's episode we be doing a Q&A!

We'll be covering..

  • How to break a weight lost stall
  • The difference between the Atkins diet and Carnivore diet
  • And much more!

Have a question you want answered? Ask on YouTube and you might be featured in the next episode!


Keto Q&A #6 with Los


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  • Amaya Molina on


    I just got the kickstart keto diet for several reasons. 1. I’m addicted to carbs & sugar. 2. I’ve been dealing with migraines and I’m hoping it helps. 3. I want to look better for my 43rd Birthday. Now, I have one major concern about the meal plan. I’m highly allergic to Egg, Avocado and ALL sea food ( no joke ) it’s been very tough to adjust to not being able to eat that, special see food ( I love sea food! ) and my question is how can I substitute that and is it possible to do the keto diet if I can’t have those foods?

  • Lori on

    I’ve heard you should not eat carbs with protein. How should you wait in between eating them?

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