Keto Q&A #7 | Ft. Goody Beats (Common Keto Questions 🥩 )

Los Silva


... We invited my good pal Logan Delgado, AKA Goody Beats, into the kitchen today to have a good old fashion Keto Q&A. Because we all have common Keto questions, and we've all made common Keto mistakes.

I LOVE to do Keto questions and answers sessions!

I wish I had the answers to some of these common ketosis mistakes when I first started out with the Keto basics. Back when I was asking questions like, "What are ketones?", "What is Ketosis?", and "How does Keto work?"

Have you ever sounded like that?

Well, here are some answers to common Keto questions, so if you ever ask yourself, "What is Keto and how does it work?" - you know exactly what channel to come to!

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