The 3 TYPES of Keto (DON'T Do #3)

Los Silva

I recently visited Tampa to spend the day with Dr. Ryan P Lowery, P.h.D. He's the co-author of the Ketogenic Bible and co-founder of

Off camera, we discussed what I've noticed are the three different types of keto. He agreed with my observations.

Watch the video to find out the 3 different types and which type I DO NOT recommend.


P.S. No matter what type of Keto you choose, you can still protect yourself from inflammation. Turmeric is the best way to fight inflammation and combat harmful chemicals in our foods. Get your bottle of Turmeric here!


The 3 TYPES of Keto (DON'T Do #3)


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  • Vonda Little on

    I like the life style keto i eat vegetables I use grassfed coconut oil chicken eat low carb food make plenty of recipes

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