Top 3 EASY Keto Snack Hacks

Los Silva

A word of warning - I'll be honest. Some of these are BORDERLINE "Snacks". But come on man Slop is better than nothing! 


Top 3 EASY Keto Snack Hacks


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  • Nancy Hill Songer on

    Love your information! Thanks for making it fun!

  • Dionna Farnie on

    Love watching your videos. Very informative and keeps me in check. Thank you!

  • Robert on

    Dude you are hilarious. I do intermittent fasting with keto. I have about 20 pounds to lose. Hoping to get there fast!

  • Judie on

    My ham and cheese roll up id ham slice with cream cheese spread on it, roll ip with a pickle sliver

  • barbara WHITLEY on

    love all of your videos!!!! LIke how fun you make them also!!! :)

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