Why Keto is the only diet you'll be able to stick with!

Keto is actually easier than most people think. Check out why below..

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Have a GREAT day everyone!

-Los Silva


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  • I know this might sound far fetch. But im at a TOTALLY loss how to start keto?!?! I have watched videos I have read many articles, but don’t understand how to get started…PLEASE HELP

  • Hello I just start the keto food program last Wednesday and I have the bullet proof coffee every morning and I do like it and I find it filling. I know there is 2 meals which are high in fat, low is carbs with high calories for lunch and supper. My question is: can I split my 2 meals into 4 smaller meals for each day or do I have to eat everything for just 2 meals? I would think now matter how one eats the food it should a balance out the same. I just feel that if I eat 4 smaller meals each day this would help me stick to the program and stay on track better. Please tell me your thoughts about this. Thank you very much. Linda Losey

  • Thank you, Los, I love to cook and love trying new interesting foods! I have a great cookbook from some of your friends. You have the right idea. You can’t be lazy. It takes effort and time…grocery shopping and planning meals. Have a great day. Joann

    Joann Mckay
  • Recipe please just got started drink my bullet proof coffee in the morning and hard boil egg,I need lunch and dinner recipes please.

    Gail Czarnik
  • Good morning. Thanks for your helpful videos. My question is…I’ve been putting collagen in my coffee every morning for months along with butter and mct oil. Now i think I’m blowing my intermittent fast by doing so. Yes? Ugh!

    Ann moynahan

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