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EP103: How Keto Can Take Your Body to a Whole New Level of Fitness


Working out is great but working out while living a keto lifestyle is better.


Logan Delgado aka Goody Beats reached out to Drew to share the amazing transformation he went through by eating a keto diet while getting himself back into shape. Over a year ago, Logan found himself looking into a fitting room mirror in disbelief while trying on a pair of pants. He decided he needed to get his body back and to help keep himself accountable he posted it all on Youtube. He now has 56K followers to his Goody Beats Youtube channel and it’s still growing. Logan shares the immense responsibility a Youtube channel is and about how he still holds an 8-5 job to support his growing family.

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Key Takeaways:

[03:49] Logan tells the story of when he let himself go.

[07:29] The keto diet took my body to a whole different level.

[16:01] Logan explains the name Goody Beats and how he got started on Youtube.

[20:21] Tips to make the most out of Youtube.

[27:27] People should dive into the keto diet to see if it fits into their lifestyle.

[32:45] Why Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium are important to a keto diet.

[34:18] How a keto lifestyle would need to be modified to do a physique show.

[36:53] Logan is motivated by being a good role model to his children.



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