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EP105: Intermittent Fasting: Understanding the Protocols and Debunking the Myths

Fasting assists the body in reproducing cells and improving cognitive function.

Throughout history humans have fasted in some form or another. Fasting provides the body time to thoroughly digest the nutrients in the food we eat and to regenerate cells. During this episode, Drew introduces the basics of fasting, defines the parameters of fasting and introduces his new intermittent fasting program. He also debunks common fasting myths and shares his own personal experience of fasting his way to optimum health.

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Key Takeaways:

[05:27] The benefits of intermittent fasting.
[09:13] The Unbreakable book has examples of how keto improves cognitive function.
[14:10] Fasting for beginners starts with a 12/12 protocol and moves up to a 24-hour fast.
[16:55] Approved liquids you can consume during fasting.
[19:34] Advanced fasting protocols.
[21:40] Debunking the myths about intermittent fasting.


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