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EP108: Red Light Therapy Can Boost Testosterone and Rejuvenate Cells

Light waves are absorbed by the body naturally.

Justin Strahan joins Drew to describe the many uses of red light therapy. Justin is a Co-Founder and Head of Research and Development for Joovv, a company that sells full body red light therapy devices you can use at home. Justin explains the medicinal uses of red light therapy for eye health, testosterone production, thyroid regulation, anti-aging and how Joovv products differ from other red light therapy products on the market.

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Key Takeaways:

[04:57] Melissa Strahan started using red light therapy daily for its health benefits.
[10:47] Justin researched the science behind how cells absorb the photons given off by light waves.
[13:24] How different colors affect our bodies in different ways.
[17:53] How to effectively add Joovv into a daily routine.
[23:48] The technology is proven to boost testosterone production and to regulate the thyroid.
[27:08] The different products available through Joovv and how other brands may differ.
[33:38] Justin answers common safety-related questions about the therapy.



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