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EP111: Do You Binge Eat and Feel Guilty? — It Is Time to Break the Cycle

Processed food companies spend millions to keep you addicted.

When is the last time you binged on healthy foods? If you are having trouble thinking of a time, it’s because healthy foods were not created to be addictive. Processed foods, however, have been concocted to keep you craving more and more. In addition, corporations are spending big money to make you believe that ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’.

Dr.Glenn Livingston Ph.D. joins Drew to talk about his psychological research in the area of binge eating and overeating, his book, Never Binge Again and mental strategies you can apply to stave off lizard brain. Dr. Livingston successfully stopped his own binge eating and has helped countless others to move beyond their food addictions.

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Key Takeaways:

[04:14] Dr. Livingston shares his own binge eating experience.
[11:30] The food industry spends billions to stimulate a human’s pleasure center.
[16:21] It takes more than willpower to get rid of lizard brain.
[21:30] Effective self-talk should be based on rules, not guidelines.
[29:17] How to build moderation into a diet.
[33:57] Using food to get high and emotional eating.
[43:48] Feeling guilty is your mind’s way of giving you permission to binge more.


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