Keto Meal (6 Pack)
Keto Meal (6 Pack)
Complete Wellness

Keto Meal (6 Pack)

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Complete Wellness Keto Meal Replacement

Fuel your day with Complete Wellness Keto Meal Replacement Powder with Grass-Fed Collagen, MCT Oil Powder, and Coconut Oil Powder.

Keto Meal Replacement is the most convenient and satisfying way to fuel your body for anyone on a low-carb or ketogenic diet. It’s packed with Coconut Oil and MCT’s, which are easily converted into Ketones by the body. Ketones are your brain and bodies preferred fuel source!

We also added collage protein to support your entire body! Each serving contains the perfect amount of protein to maintain a low-carb or ketogenic diet while enjoying all of the amazing benefits that Collagen has to offer. Collagen protein has been shown to support your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, eyes, skin, brain, and heart health!


Here’s What Just 1 Keto Meal Replacement Shake A Day Can Do For You:

  • Support healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  • Long-lasting energy for your mind and body.
  • Enhance the benefits of low-carb and Ketogenic lifestyles.
  • Hit your low-carb or Ketogenic macronutrient goals more easily.
  • Satisfy any “less-than-healthy” cravings.
  • Helps fill the gaps in your diet, especially when busy and always on-the-go!

The ideal Keto Meal replacement containing moderate protein, higher amounts of healthy fats, zero sugar, and only 2 net carbs!


Why People Love Keto Meal Replacement:

  1. Use as a replacement to any low-carb meal.
  2. Great as an on-the-go drink when you’re in-between meals.
  3. Easy way to boost your healthy fats.
  4. Use to make delicious tasting baked treats.
  5. Mixes well, tastes amazing, boosts ketones, and satisfies cravings without all of the extra calories!


Highlights (Per Serving):

  • 10,900mg of Grass-Fed Collagen

  • 8,500mg of 95% C8 MCT Oil Powder

  • 13,000mg of 75% Coconut Oil Powder

  • 20 Serving Per Bottle

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